Spaceboy Books LLC

Founded in 2017, by Nate Ragolia and Shaunn Grulkowski, Spaceboy Books LLC is an indie science fiction press.

We seek the weird, the wondrous, the optimistic, the adventurous. Where other presses might fear to tread, we boldly go. Our mission is to empower authors whose imaginations expand our view of this world, and those that lie beyond the stars.

We do have one rule: NO STEAMPUNK.

Within Spaceboy Books LLC, we have a special community-focused social impact program called To The Rescue. We believe that giving back is the best NONFICTIONAL path to create a better world. To the Rescue is our imprint for special collections of short stories, poetry, essays, and more, for which all proceeds after we’ve recouped costs are donated to charity.

Learn more about Spaceboy, submit your manuscript, and check out our books at