“Ensign Friend” published in ATB’s Outside In Boldly Goes!




If you like Star Trek: The Next Generation, or just me, you might want to buy the book linked below.

First, it’s a great collection of essays, poetry, fiction and other responses to all 174 ST:TNG episodes.

Second, I have a short story in it. It’s called “Ensign Friend” and it’s a fun peek at a day in the life of one of the Enterprise’s unsung crewmembers.

Third, the rest of the work in here is BONKERS good.

Fourth, it’s a charitable project, so you’re doing a good thing in getting yourself something nice.

Here’s a link: http://www.atbpublishing.com/product/outside-in-makes-it-so-174-new-perspectives-on-174-star-trek-tng-stories-by-174-writers/

Be well, and be kind,


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