BONED Every Which Way 2016!

In 2016, I started the website BONED as a collection of fiction, poetry, scripts and essays with a single uniting theme: skeletons. After a full year and 52 original posts, we partnered with Spaceboy Books to collect all of the first year in a single paperback volume.

BONED Every Which Way 2016 will take you into the depths of horror, to strange futures, through contemplations of the human spirit, and leave you in stitches. In short, there’s something for everyone in BONED.

The book comes from the charitable SPACEBOY TO THE RESCUE imprint. Profits from sales of this book will benefit the Bone Marrow Foundation.

BONED Every Which Way 2016 includes writing from Ruby Begonia, Brian Dickson, Simon Edgett, Stephanie Escobar, Kirsten Ferguson, Race Garber, Alex Grady, Shaunn Grulkowski, Mimi Hayes, Ashley Heaton, Jared Horney, Jon-Barrett Ingels, Pam Jones, Amanda Christie Leiss, Jennifer Moore, Dean Moses, Michael J. O’Connor, Jessica Proett, Nate Ragolia, Brian Rivera, Aaron Rodriguez, Diane Root, Jordan A. Rothacker, Mikey Sivak, Math Trafton, Antoine Valot, Daniel Valot, and Jeffrey Wolf.

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